7 Types of Content Writing That You Should Know

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You must have heard “Content is King” in online marketing. This is also the most famous saying in search engine optimization. Content writing is one way to achieve good rankings on search engines. The job of a content writer is not just to write, they have to connect people with it. Content writing services are a major part of any business’s online presence. Here are the 7 types of content writing that you should know but before this, you also need to know these things: 

What Does a Content Writer Do

A content writer is an expert in writing content on any topic. They can write on anything from tourism and travel to web design and development. His expertise in writing on any subject makes him different from other writers.

A content writer should try to connect the reader with his writing style because he is the voice of the company at that time. An excellent content writer always tries to impress and attract people but at the same time tries not to be an advertiser. This is the epitome of smart content writing. The content should be customer-oriented, engaging, and informative. 

Because every online business needs fresh content to keep their customer happy, the articles of the content writers must be unique at every time and also be searchable for engines. Good content will be optimized fast by search engines. 

Types of Content Writers

Types of content writing

Technical Writer

As the name suggests, technical writing is not everyone’s cup of tea. It covers a vast field that can include everything from the latest gadgets to robotics to computers and science. Technical writing is huge in itself and requires expertise to deliver a great copy. There are many types of professional writers, such as those who write on mobile phones, cars, software development, etc.

The main idea behind this is to present technical information understandably so that novice readers can understand it. A technical writer makes sure to present the information in a presentable and less complicated manner. Knowledge and skills of the English language are as essential as having a passion for writing technical content. So if you have any technical content-related business, you can hire a technical writer from a reputed content-writing company.


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SEO Article Writer

Quality content is important to increase traffic to your search engines. If you want to rank at the top of Google, high-quality content is not optional. To rank any website, Google considers it to be unique and fresh. Also, keywords play an important role in SEO writing. You have to strategically place the right keywords on the content so that search engines can find it. A copywriter specializes in optimizing content for SEO.

Most people remain confused between these two i.e. content marketing and SEO. Let’s take a look at both these terms for better understanding. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is making a website search engine friendly to rank it on SERPs. It follows Google’s strict guidelines and ensures a constant flow of organic traffic to your website. On the other hand, content marketing is part of SEO. This is the text of your website and blog posts. 

Since SEO is a combination of both methods, neither can survive without the other. The role of an SEO content writer is to make your content keyword-rich. By doing this, writing is ensuring that your content is easily crawled by search engines. This will help to rank your website and posts.

The SEO writer has in-depth knowledge of search engine optimization and content marketing. In an article of 500 words, the density of each keyword should be 2% to 3%. The keywords included should not appear unnatural or out of context.

Instructional Design

It is the job of instructional design writers to make learning easier for beginners. They facilitate the process of acquiring knowledge by making learning entertaining for the readers. It starts with discovering the needs of the learner and then designing the learning process.

They specialize in creating learning materials and storyboards for businesses. The process of creating an instructional design takes time and effort. Also, the writer must have expertise and knowledge of the process.


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Press Release

What’s the best way to make your presence known to web users? If you’re launching new services or products, how will you spread the word about it? Well, in this case, a press release is the best option to make people aware of it. Previously, business owners would send these releases to a local radio station or newspaper.

But now, since most people are using the internet nowadays, you can use e-press releases. With its help, you can directly connect with your online audience. Businesses are sending these releases to reputable digital platforms to get published. They can get more visitors from the link.


Most of the time, people have vague ideas about ghostwriting. They can be seen everywhere from businesses to popular blogging websites. Ghostwriting means that when you write for a business, you let others put your name on it. Here, you will hire someone who will write articles and blogs for your business.

The author will be paid for his work. You do not have any copyright on the work. People hire ghostwriters for the following reasons:

  • The business is growing, and the owner does not have enough time or skills to produce a perfect copy for his readers.
  • Many people have ideas for a good story but don’t know how to put the ideas into words.

Guest Posting

Guest posting involves publishing a blog or article on a well-reputed website from where you can get backlinks to your business. The guest post author receives credit for the writing which will include your business and a link to your website. This is one of the top link-building methods from where you can generate high-quality backlinks to your site.


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Professional Business Writer

These writers are in great demand in corporate business. Business writing includes emails, reports, memos, product or service descriptions, etc. Professionals working in digital marketing need these. Business writing should be straightforward and easily understood. Content writers are professionals in the art of persuasion. Ultimately, for most businesses, all that matters is sales and conversions. With optimized and professionally written content, readers can take action more efficiently. Content is as much about effective conversions as it is about fancy words.

It is impossible to change people’s minds with poorly written, boring, and non-informative content. All businesses in the digital marketing sector should pay attention to this. Establishing a company is easy but convincing people why they should choose you is not easy. If you want to build a compelling brand for your business, a copywriter is the best way to do so. This will make you stand out from the competition and also give your business a voice.

Social Media Writer

Using social media provides a highly effective platform for promoting your company. You can attract people’s attention and build relationships with your customers on social media with quality content. Before writing content, the company’s goals should be determined. With a good freelance writer, you can easily promote your products and services on social media platforms.


If the content posted by you has grammatical errors, typos, punctuation errors, etc., it will portray a bad image of your company. It is important to check that your copy is free from errors. That’s why most businesses outsource their writing services to a freelancer or a company. Your content is a reflection of your business. There are different types of content writing services in India that you can hire as per your pre-requisites. The first part is to identify those needs and then contact a skilled content writing company in India to meet your needs. We hope, you now understand the 7 types of content writers you should know.


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Studed Learning Solutions LLP is a premier content writing service committed to delivering compelling and high-quality content tailored to your needs. Our team of skilled writers and strategists ensures consistency, expertise, and timely delivery, helping you achieve your content marketing goals effectively.
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